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April 15th
7:18 PM

Rich American White Kidz Cover Art

Sun Sister "Rich American White Kidz"

Released: January 1, 2012


Pretty sure Sincerely, California and Tye Die Tapes should get together and release something sometime soon, because by now it’s pretty obvious how alike our music taste is. After recommending the radical Best Friend’s good friends Slowcoaches, Tye Die Tapes suggested yet another radical gem, Sun Sister. Sun Sister comes from Fitchburg, and is nothing short of pure garage loveliness.

Hot summer days with nothing to do, driving in search for adventure. Strong opinions, reality. Playful, careless.  Love, interest. Fun relationships, friends. Growing your hair out. Breaking up and situations that follow, life passing by. Hanging out, youth. Sun Sister’s "Rich American White Kidz" is a sunrise to look forward to, covering everything worth partying for.  



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