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April 7th
10:12 PM

Taking Trips Cover Art

Each Other "Taking Trips"

Released: February 12, 2012


Searching through bandcamp for hours is always super fun when you find bands like Each Other. Straight outta Montreal, these guys create experimental, psychedelic- like pop tunes to die for.

Dark, ambient. Unique in all ways favorable. Each Other’s "Taking Trips" makes for a radical day, expelling average mentalities to create a new revolution. Typical activities made into adventures, ideas becoming reality. Stories becoming the truth. Love yet to be established, freedom. Being young and soaking up every experience that comes your way. Inconsistent tones ranging from heavy to tropical and all that falls in between.  Each Other’s "Taking Trips" is in fact, ironically, something you’d like to take a trip to; a trip leading the way for all your fate has to offer.



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